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Alejandro M. Parisi

Alejandro Martín Parisi, born in 1982, of Argentinian and Italian nationality.

Settled in Paris since 2016, he has since been able to integrate into his pictorial work notes from art history and art market seminars, paintings produced in museums and in Parisian parks.


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Born in 1982 in Buenos Aires, Alejandro Martín Parisi has lived in Paris since 2016.

His artistic training began in the studio of the painter Ana Tarsia, he then joined those of Fernando Goin and Ernesto Fish. From 2007 to 2012, he followed the seminars of the art theorist Alicia Romero and participated in the “art clinic” workshop directed by the painter Tulio de Sagastizábal.

In 2009, the Dutch painter and collector Erik Adriaan van der Grijn exhibits his works-objects made from chairs and doors recovered from the street. A. M. Parisi founded Solución Caos, an interdisciplinary collective of young artists engaged in a critical reflection on their personal practice, giving rise to two eponymous exhibitions.

From 2011, he devoted himself exclusively to painting and produces series of large-format paintings from the arbitrary appropriation of symbols and figures from the history of art. His works have been exhibited in Buenos Aires, at the Museum of Fine Arts of Lujan Fernán Félix de Amador and at the Museum of Fine Arts of Tandil.

In Paris, he explores the technique of collage. He incorporates into the pictorial work notes taken during seminars on the history and the art market, and drawings made in museums and Parisian parks. In 2018, the Grand Monde Gallery and the Sobering Gallery devoted two personal exhibitions to him

In 2020, he produced an artist's book which appears in thirty-one unique copies in the Petits Papiers collection founded by publisher Bernard Dumerchez.


His works include :

- Expo - 2022
- San Martín Nro 11 - 2013
- Academic Reference N.43 - 2016
- Academic Reference N.46 - 2016
- Pizarron N.5 - 2018

- Notes papier N.3 - 2019
- Aida 2020 - 202
- Notes papier N.4 - 2020
- Notes papier N.5 - 2020
- Cheval noir n.2 - 2021
- Notes au Louvre - 2021


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